The Wildways series of fundraising events connects people and places, offers education and unique experiences and is a fun way to contribute to the preservation of significant lands in far northern California.

Hosted by volunteers, all proceeds from ticket sales support Shasta Land Trust’s mission to conserve local land. 

The upcoming 2017 Wildways events series will feature a diverse array of new adventures and old favorites. Come enjoy exclusive access on several of our protected properties, as well as expanses of open space, interesting local businesses, beautiful private residences, and other secret spots, all while supporting local land conservation! 

Since 2003, volunteers have hosted Shasta Land Trust supporters at over 275 events! The success of the Wildways program has helped us permanently protect 24,000 acres of working agricultural lands, water and wildlife habitat, recreation, and scenic beauty in our community.

The Wildways program would not be possible without our generous landowners, volunteers, hosts, and the many supporters who attend these events. We hope to see you at one or more of these exciting events [Listed below].