Goodbye to Outgoing Board Member, Don Koch

Don Koch

Don Koch

This month we say goodbye to outgoing board member, Don Koch. Don has been a quiet leader and inspiration to us all at the Shasta Land Trust since the time he first joined our board in 2011. He became involved with SLT when he was still the Northern California Regional Manager for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). Don told us he was impressed with the attention to detail and the quality of the projects Shasta Land Trust was putting forward for CDFW's approval.

"I really liked the fact that SLT was working to protect good wildlife habitat and working to keep that habitat in production which benefited the landowner and the local community; the over-used term "win-win" comes to mind. Over the years, including my time as the Director of CDFW and the Chair of the Wildlife Conservation Board, I observed that trend of quality projects continued".

Don said that the continued "business model" of conserving wildlife habitat in perpetuity while benefiting the landowner, the businesses that depend on agriculture, and the community in general is what he is most proud of as a member of SLT's board. He believes that board actions are simply a small part of making that happen; the staff, volunteers and general membership really do the heavy lifting.

"I feel its really important for the younger adults in our community that are working hard to ensure Shasta County continues to be a great place for them and their families in the future to become involved with the SLT. It will one of the most enjoyable and rewarding investments of a little bit of time and energy they can make."

Please join us in thanking Don for his commitment to conservation and generous service to the Shasta Land Trust.