A New Way to Support Conservation of Significant Lands in Far Northern California


We are delighted to have so many supporters of the Shasta Land Trust! Your commitment is very much appreciated. We want to provide convenient ways for giving that match the variety and interest of the many people in our community who want to support local conservation programs.

Our new service allows you to become a member of the Conservation Partners Monthly Giving Program. For many people, monthly giving is the easiest and most affordable way to support the Shasta Land Trust.

Here's why:

  • You are in total control. You can easily start, change, or stop your gift at any time.
  • Easier on your budget. Your donation is spread through the year.
  • Maximum impact. By giving a little every month you can contribute more every year to help conserve valuable places in our area. 
  • Organizational effectiveness. This process helps us keep our operating costs low.

Warren and Tara Swanson offered their thoughts on monthly giving. "Monthly giving is the easiest and most convenient way to donate to Shasta Land Trust. By giving a small amount monthly, we donate more but feel it less than once a year. It's a great way to give to our favorite charity."

Click on the link below to become a Conservation Partner today. Thank you for your investment in Shasta Land Trust!

SLT’s approach to helping local landowners protect open spaces makes us staunch supporters. We know SLT needs a steady income stream, so signing up for a monthly credit card contribution (just a few minutes online) was a no-brainer!
— Mari Ennis-Applegate