Thank You for Joining Us at Triple B Ranch

Landowner Steve Boreo leading a hike

Landowner Steve Boreo leading a hike

The celebration at the Triple B Ranch was a fantastic day filled with hikes and tours with incredible views, excellent food, and great people!  
We were celebrating a major achievement and we want to be sure you know that this type of permanent land protection is made possible by the contributions of many supporters and volunteers. Contributions by people in our community make the work of the Shasta Land Trust successful.
We are lucky to have the opportunity to work with Triple B Ranch landowners, Steve and Angelia Boero, and very glad so many of our supporters had a chance to meet them. Also, we want to say Thank You again to all our volunteers and to Wildcard for delicious brew, and Ten Mile Station for inspiring music.

The Record Searchlight published a nice article about this project and our event on the front page of the paper.

Why is this land significant?

Preserving Land in the Cow Creek Watershed

We celebrate the permanent protection of Triple B Ranch for many reasons – including the scenic beauty you have probably already heard so much about. Additionally, this land and the Cow Creek Watershed provide natural and agricultural benefits that are important to everyone in the region. Triple B Ranch is the sixth conservation easement completed by the Shasta Land Trust in this watershed, providing protected habitat of nearly 20,000 acres.

  • Cow Creek is the third largest Sacramento River tributary in the northern Sacramento Valley
  • It has an average flow of 695 cubic feet per second though the actual flow varies with the season
  • The annual discharge is approximately 502,000 acre feet, enough water to supply 1,255,000 average California households or 3.640,000 people
  • It supports runs of fall and late fall-run Chinook salmon and steelhead trout as well as a diverse population of other native and nonnative fish
  • The 275,000-acre watershed supports a diverse animal  population including  blacktail deer, turkeys, black bear, coyotes, mountain lion, and elk
  • The Creek supplies 278 diversions for crop and pasture irrigation, stock watering and hydroelectric power

We are all thinking about the importance of protecting clean water resources these days. Clint Snyder is Assistant Executive Officer for the Central Valley Water Board, and he had this to say recently:

"Cow Creek and its numerous tributaries are experiencing increasing pressure from a variety of land uses, not to mention those added by the current drought.   I applaud the Triple B Ranch for their generosity and the Shasta Land Trust for their dedication to protecting this sensitive watershed.  Those efforts will help to reduce long-term demands on the water supply, therefore sustaining flows for aquatic species and other wildlife."