A Step Back in Time at the McArthur Fair

Visit the InterMountain Fair in McArthur for a special taste of rural living in the high country of Shasta County.

Sunday, September 6th, Cattlemen’s Day, at the InterMountain Fair in McArthur

This is more than just a visit to one of the state’s most beautiful country fairs. Enjoy a day with friends for this well-coordinated trip that offers you a chance to bring out your inner cowboy and participate in and learn about the Cattlemen’s Day activities.

The Intermountain Fair is a true community fair and one of the oldest in the state. Located 70 miles east of Redding on the edge of the Modoc Plateau, the mountainous region is home to numerous farms and ranches that give the fair a truly rural flavor. The area is beautiful at this time of year with wide-open vistas and cool, crystal clear air. The fairgrounds are in the center of the community and the parade goes through the small town of McArthur. The hometown and friendly atmosphere make the Inter-Mountain Fair a perfect outing for families.

This Wildways event offers you many special features:

  • Round-trip transportation in a luxurious motor coach, accompanied by your Shasta College Ag student ambassadors!
  • A catered picnic lunch with Marlene and Craig McArthur at their beautiful turn of the century original McArthur Family home. Food will be provided by the local grocer and restaurant, Adin Supply (in business since 1906!). Learn about efforts local agriculture leaders are making to assure water is used responsibly.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Cattlemen’s Day activities that include:

o   Watch a demonstration to learn how ultra sound is used to determine beef quality.
o   Watch the ranch branding contest where teams of three local cattlemen compete to apply a paint brand on two calves. You can also participate in the calcutta where you can “bid to purchase” the team you think will be the first to catch their two calves and apply the paint brand the quickest.
o   Enjoy the commercial cattle pen show where local cattlemen enter their best animals to be judged.
o   Talk with local cattlemen at their end of the day social over drinks and snacks.
o   Witness a sense of community as they present their local scholarship winners.

  • You will receive entrance to the Fair and can tour the fair at your leisure—view the local art displays that include photography and paintings, as well as locally made quilts and, of course, trophy vegetables and fruits. The livestock area has pens for prize pigs, poultry, cattle, and sheep.
  • You will also have an opportunity to enjoy the parade.

This Wildways event is $60. 100% of your ticket price goes to support Shasta Land Trust…..See you September 6th!

More information about the fair:  inter-mountainfair.com

For tickets, call Shasta Land Trust at 530.241.7886.