Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour

Sierra Nevada | Tour, beer tasting, appetizers and more!

Sierra Nevada | Tour, beer tasting, appetizers and more!

Join our Wildways tour of Sierra Nevada Brewery.  Saturday, November 5, 2016 11:30-3:00p
There are still a few tickets left! 

Limited to a small group for our Wildways program, this tour will give you insight into Sierra Nevada's internationally recognized sustainability program. After the tour, you will enjoy a guided beer tasting of new and limited release beers and mouth-watering appetizers made with ingredients from their on-site garden.

As a self-proclaimed outdoorsman, hiker and cyclist, Ken explains, “I have always appreciated the natural environment and want to protect it.” It’s no wonder that from birth, Sierra Nevada has been a company swaddled in sustainability. “From turning scrap metal into pieces of equipment to using returnable beer bottles and recycling onsite, we have been frugal with our materials from early on.”

For the future of business in relation to the environment, not only was developing an environmentally conscious company good for the planet, but it was also a very progressive and fiscally smart move on Ken’s part. “There were financial drivers along with a keen notion to conserve resources,” explains Ken, so the green state of mind was adopted.

What began with recycling bottles and upcycling materials for production has matured into an impressive all-encompassing sustainability program that is now a cornerstone of Sierra Nevada’s mission and operation.

The incredible focus and energy put towards being sustainable reaches every person involved in Sierra Nevada and is inspiring companies worldwide to join the race to a sustainable future.

Thank you. Your ticket purchase supports conservation of significant lands in far Northern California.