Ride the Ranch: Fenwood

Shasta Land Trust invited friends to bring their horse for a ride on Fenwood Ranch in Shasta County for a Wildways event this Fall. The first protected property of the Shasta Land Trust, this beautiful ranch is grazing land for Prather Ranch Beef and home to more than 100 species of wildlife. For those that didn't have a horse - or in one situation, had a broken foot - Dove Hollow Farms brought out a wagon to bring guest around the Ranch and to the Parkville Cemetery where Sherry Miller gave a walking tour! The rich open space of Fenwood Ranch will remain a part of the productive working landscape of Shasta County for future generations to experience, and its associated wildlife habitat will also continue to support a healthy ecosystem in the north state. 

Fun Fact: Huell Howser once did a full episode on Fenwood Ranch for the California Green series.