See a Shasta Land Trust Property Up Close!

Grab your bike and join the Shasta Land Trust to explore one of it's beautiful ranches, Fenwood Ranch. On April 1, you have an opportunity to ride with friends on a beautiful ranch at the height of this year's spectacular wildflower season - and then enjoy a delicious Prather Ranch Beef BBQ on the patio of the ranch house. 

VISIT THE OFFICE 1768 West Street, Redding
CALL 530.241.7886

Saturday, March 25, 2017
9:00a - 1:00p
Hosts: David Short, Chris Harvey, Bob Madison

Huell Howser called these oak woodlands a very special place - and devoted an entire show to the Fenwood Ranch! Watch the video at the link below. The first protected property of the Shasta Land Trust, this beautiful ranch is grazing land for Prather Ranch Beef. More than 100 species of wildlife are found here and in the spring wildflowers are everywhere!


All proceeds support Shasta Land Trust to preserve the places you love, for future generations to enjoy.