Newly Protected Land in Fall River Mills

We are excited to announce the recent closing of a new conservation easement in Shasta County. This newly protected property is located on the southern edge of Fall River Mills, CA and covers 39 acres. Situated along the confluence of the Fall and Pit Rivers, this property serves as a habitat for many different plants and animals.

What we are most enthusiastic about is what the future holds for this property. Now that it is protected forever, the Fall River Valley Conservation Services District is able to move forward on their plans of turning this property into a community park. With walking trails, picnic spots, and educational information, this property will provide a great benefit to the Fall River Mills community.

Along with the community use benefits, this area is also important because of its vast historical and ecological values. Throughout the property you will find Ponderosa Pine and White Oak, hydrological remnants once used for ferry transportation, and a rich background of Native American history.

This land will now forever be protected thanks to partnerships with the Fall River Valley Community Services District, Pacific Gas & Electric, and the Pacific Forest and Watershed Land Stewardship Council.

As always, we would like to thank those who support the conservation efforts of the Shasta Land Trust. The preservation of these beautiful and important lands would not be possible without donations from those who share our passion for conservation. Please consider making a contribution to Shasta Land Trust and help us conserve the beauty, character, and diversity of significant lands in far northern California.