Cow Creek Ranch

In 2009, Shasta Land Trust completed a conservation easement on the 4,915-acre Cow Creek Ranch in Shasta County. The conservation easement was completed in partnership with the owners of Cow Creek Ranch, Shasta Land Trust, and the Trust for Public Land. The easement prevents further development on the ranch, protecting the many natural resources on the property and ensuring that it remain open space available for ranching purposes.  

Located along Whitmore Road just west of the community of Whitmore, Cow Creek Ranch is owned by the Cow Creek Ranch Limited Partnership. The large cattle ranch will remain in private ownership and may continue to be used for productive ranching uses under the terms of the conservation easement.

The conservation easement on Cow Creek Ranch joins similar easements for nearly 10,000 acres of ranches in the Cow Creek watershed, helping to support the local ranching economy and ensuring the diverse natural resources of the region continue to thrive for generations to come.   

The vast acreage of Cow Creek Ranch features an impressive array of habitat types that support many species of wildlife. Blue oak and black oak woodlands, riparian corridors along several creeks, ponderosa pine stands, springs, and ponds all can be found on the property.  

The conservation easement was purchased from the Cow Creek Limited Partnership with funds provided by the Wildlife Conservation Board of California, as well as the Preserving Wild California program of the Resources Legacy Fund Foundation. 

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