Hathaway Ranch

Shasta Land Trust completed our largest conservation easement in March 2006, protecting the Hathaway Ranch east of Redding. The 6,639-acre ranch lies in the heart of the Cow Creek watershed and contains vast expanses of the unique and biologically valuable Swede Creek Plains. The Hathaway Ranch conservation easement will forever restrict the number of residences on this huge ranch to only a few houses, while permitting its continuing use as a productive cattle ranch. 

Hathaway Ranch fronts Oak Run Road, and includes significant portions of Oak Run Creek within its boundaries. The ranch contains vernal pools as well as riparian habitat corridors along several creeks. Many species of wildlife use Hathaway Ranch for its substantial habitat resources and coexist with the cattle which graze on the Ranch’s rolling hills. Oak woodlands, identified as one of California’s most biologically diverse habitat types, cover Hathaway Ranch, and their protection yields important progress in the efforts to protect this disappearing habitat. 

Hathaway Ranch continues to support cattle, contributes to the local economy, and remains in private ownership. By acquiring the conservation easement for this property, Shasta Land Trust accepted responsibility for ensuring that its unique conservation values survive unimpaired for years to come. 

Shasta Land Trust often hosts special events on Hathaway Ranch, which are open to the public. Tickets must be purchased for these events (and they do sell out), but they represent a very unique opportunity to get first hand experience of this great conservation success story. Check our Wildways events for more details.