Parkville Ranch

Shasta Land Trust completed the conservation easement for the 266-acre Parkville Ranch in late 2013, which is our fifth conservation easement within the Cow Creek Watershed. Parkville Ranch is adjacent to our first conservation easement, the Fenwood Ranch. These two adjacent conserved ranches protect about 2,500 contiguous acres near to where Cow Creek and Bear Creek empty into the Sacramento River, complementing about fifteen thousand acres conserved higher in the Watershed. 

The picturesque Parkville Ranch has been owned by the DuBose Family for over 40 years, and in that time Sandy and her late husband David made it available to countless members of our community, from Boy Scouts to the Native Plant Society. The history of the Parkville Ranch is important to the DuBose family, but by donating this conservation easement, Sandy has also demonstrated how important she views the property's future. This ranch has long been a prominent part of our County's agricultural economy, and this conservation easement will ensure it can continue in that role in the future. 

The conservation easement for the Parkville Ranch means that the property's prime agricultural soils and grazing land, along with its blue oak woodlands and riparian areas, will remain open and avoid being lost to development. 

Sandy DuBose has long been a supporter of Shasta Land Trust, even helping to host our very first Wildways event, and everyone at Shasta Land Trust is proud to help her achieve her family's long-term vision for the Parkville Ranch.