Volunteer Spotlight - Aaron Hatch

Aaron Hatch

Aaron Hatch

When Aaron Hatch and his wife Rachel moved back to Redding from the Bay Area three years ago, they carefully weighed the quality of life in both places. Eventually, the opportunity for fulfillment in a smaller town won out over the conveniences of urban life.

For Aaron, that fulfillment comes from the chance to engage in his community and have a visible, positive, impact. Here, you don’t need a million dollars to make a difference; you just need to have time that you’re willing to devote to a cause that you care about.

Aaron knew about the importance of land conservation well before joining Shasta Land Trust. In the East Bay, he regularly visited a protected open space across the street from his home. Recent books about our growing disconnect from nature drove home the need for better access to nature and strengthened his support for land conservation. By the time he returned to Redding, he was on the lookout for ways to make a difference.

Enter Shasta Land Trust.

Aaron first found out about Shasta Land Trust when a friend invited him to the Wildways Kickoff Party in 2012. He immediately became a member, drawn to our mission and our supportive community. After attending a few Wildways events that year, he was hooked.

He first volunteered with SLT by helping run the bar at the 2013 Wildways Kickoff party. After that he dove into the planning process, volunteering on this year’s Wildways Kickoff committee, and coordinating the cashiers for this year’s event. His efforts ensure that all the guests at this year’s Kickoff party can pay for admission, bid on auction items, and purchase tickets to 2014 Wildways events with ease.

When asked why he gives his time to Shasta Land Trust, he replied, “When you begin to feel attached to the community, and feel invested in it, you want to see it succeed.”

Aaron has another reason to be involved. As a new father, he sees the phrase “I want to make things better for the next generation” in a new light. He wants to devote time and energy to protect the things that he cares about, so they will be here when his son grows up.

Thank you, Aaron, for the time and experience you give to Shasta Land Trust!