Volunteer Spotlight - Rebecca Cileo

Rebecca Cileo

Rebecca Cileo

Rebecca first encountered Shasta Land Trust by helping her neighbors with a Wildways party 5 years ago.

Originally, she volunteered because her neighbors asked for her help with an individual party. After that, she decided she wanted to learn more about the organization, and volunteering seemed like a good way to do so. Figuring that SLT is a worthy organization, she decided to join and volunteer in different ways.

Rebecca is interested in volunteering for all things outdoors. Whether that means accompanying the conservation associate on multiple conservation easement monitoring trips or helping organize volunteers for the Great Sierra River Cleanup, she is happy to jump in and get things done.

A few things that she likes about the volunteering with Shasta Land Trust are that it gives a chance to visit some unique and beautiful ranches in the region, and doing so informs her of the importance and vision of protecting them. The also liked getting the chance to practice her navigation skills using a compass and GPS in the field.

She also helps in the kitchen for the Wildways Kickoff party in February.

Rebecca likes to see this organization continue with its path to conservation success, and is excited to see the organization grow in recent months. Being a part of the organization and contributing to its success is a rewarding experience.

Thank you, Rebecca, for all you do with the Shasta Land Trust!