Volunteer Spotlight - Wildways Volunteers

The Shasta Land Trust is fortunate to have over 200 active volunteers who lend a hand and pitch in wherever and whenever we need them most. This month we wish to thank our Wildways Kickoff volunteers and event co-chairs of the 2015 series of Wildways events.

Our Kickoff volunteers put in an amazing 230 hours to make our annual fundraiser a tremendous success. A very big THANK YOU to Penny Harris for organizing and decorating the hall, Tammy Douse for heading up all the food preparation, Dave Bush for arranging the auction, Deb Townsend for putting together the raffle baskets, Aaron Hatch for handling all the evening's finances, Don Koch and John Haynes for stocking and keeping the bar up and running, and Jake Dickmann for coordinating our many volunteers.

Sixty-six volunteers helped with the set up and clean up of the event, arranging auction items, checking in guests, cooking food, selling Wildways event tickets, pouring drinks, cashiering tickets and memberships, and selling raffle tickets. We couldn't possibly pull off such a large event without them!

The Wildways Kickoff event on Saturday, February 21st drew 250 people, our largest attendance yet. The Kickoff literally kicks off our season of Wildways events throughout the year, which feature some of the most unique and interesting outings in the north state. Wildways events are hosted by SLT volunteers and supporters, and all proceeds from ticket sales support our mission to conserve local land. This year, Ann Duchi and Sue Keller co-chaired the event planning committee and helped develop our 28 exciting events featured in 2015. Thank you, Ann and Sue, for all your time, talent, and energy in creating a fabulous line up of events!

Volunteers help set up for the Kickoff. Photo by Richard Douse.

Volunteers help set up for the Kickoff. Photo by Richard Douse.


Please join us in thanking our Kickoff volunteers:

Aaron Hatch
Anne Thomas
Barbara Cosindas
Barbara Pierce
Barbara Zlotowski
Belinda Sanda
Bill Keller
Bob Martin
Chris Harvey
Colleen Lytle
Daryl Harris
Dave Bunte
Dave Bush
Deb Townsend
Debbie Stokes
Della Martin
Diana Peacock
Diane Madgic
Don Benner
Donald Owen
Gary Sanda
Gregg Werner


Heather Hennessey
Jay Thesken
Jefferson Thomas
Jenna Waite
John Haynes
John Stokes 
Judy Bush
Karen Coffey
Karen Little
Kelly Pierce
Ken Hartman
Kit Harvey
Linda Samuels
Lois Sweeny
Mari Ennis-Applegate
Marilyn Thomas
Muffy Berryhill
Nancy Briggs
Nels Klaseen
Noel Bush
Nola Wade
Patty Gomez

Penny Harris
Rachel Hatch
Randy Bush
Rebecca Cileo
Richard Douse
Richard Gregory
Robyne Hartman
Sandy Dubose
Sara Sundquist
Shelia Barnes
Skyler Saunders
Sue Keller
Sue Ralston
Susan Salvesen
Tammy Douse
Tara Swanson
Terri Thesken
Terry Applegate
Terry Thomas
Trey Sherrel
Warren Lytle
Warren Swanson