Our Mission

Shasta Land Trust conserves the beauty, character, and diversity of significant lands in far northern California.

I believe the conservation efforts being made by Shasta Land Trust and caring landowners will make a difference in the future. Please consider learning more and getting involved any way you can. We can all contribute something!
— Rebecca Cileo, Volunteer

What We Do

  • Permanently protect land with natural, recreational, scenic, agricultural, historic, or productive value
  • Collaborate with landowners, agencies, and other non-profits to achieve shared conservation goals
  • Work locally to protect working lands, natural resources, and special places important to our community
  • Offer opportunities for the public to experience the natural landscapes that surround us
  • Convert rail lines to area trail systems for hiking, biking, and horseback riding
  • Restore our local natural resources through creek cleanups and other stewardship activities
  • Educate the next generation about the natural world and the importance of acting locally
  • Inspire local conservation initiatives and lead events that connect people to the places that make our area unique
  • Uphold the public's trust. As an accredited land trust, we ensure that the properties we protect stay protected...forever