AmeriCorps Corner with Jake

A Whirlwind Start to the New Year

Auburn Lake Creek in Campbellsport, WI

Auburn Lake Creek in Campbellsport, WI

Where did the month of January go?! It seems like yesterday we were still celebrating the holidays. Nonetheless, it was a fun and busy month, both here at SLT and back home in Wisconsin!

It was great getting to fly back home, see friends and family, and to eat some home cooked food! The not-so-great part was walking off the plane in Milwaukee into -30 ̊ weather. Coming from a warm and sunny 70 ̊, I was nowhere near prepared for that! A great time was getting to snowshoe out by my grandparent’s farm and seeing the amazing winter scene pictured here. Definitely one of my favorite places!

Now that I was all refreshed, filled with good food, and back in California, I was ready to tackle the many tasks waiting for me at SLT. One exciting day consisted of going out to a property near the Battle Creek area. It was neat to see a successful stream restoration project as well as areas for future restoration work. The views of Lassen, the smells of pine trees, and the sounds of cranes flying off in the distance weren't too bad either!

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