Board Member Keeps Water Clean and Safe for Californians


Groundwater is the water found beneath the earth’s surface, in water bearing layers known as aquifers. Groundwater is difficult if not impossible to clean once contaminated, so it is critical to protect areas of groundwater recharge. 

Shasta Land Trust Board Member Brandi Greene has recently been on assignment to monitor groundwater at an old mine site in Northern California. Here they are looking for any changes to the chemical composition of the water. Groundwater levels will change in response to drought or wet weather. Levels can also change in response to changes made on the surface, like an old mine site. The goal is to detect contamination before it becomes a problem - The faster a contaminant migrates through the ground to the aquifer without being diluted or rendered less harmful, the more vulnerable the groundwater is to contamination.

Healthy land and water resources ensure safe drinking water and resilient forests, wetlands and wildlife. It's important to focus actions where they are needed and track progress over time. 




The Shasta Land Trust protects lands that provide clean water, abundant local foods, habitat for wildlife, and beautiful places to enjoy nature that enrich the quality of life in our region for everyone