A Conservation Success - Clover Creek Fish Ladders

On the last weekend of September the Shasta Land Trust invited guests to see the new Clover Creek Fish Ladders in Millville, California. A project that has made a big difference for local salmon and other migrating fish. 

This project removed a barrier built in the 1920's, opening 10 miles of habitat to Chinook Salmon and other fish. At the same time, valuable upgrades were made for providing water to local ranchers. This was a truly collaborative project that involved many state and local agencies, with some local ranger ingenuity working together to make this complex project a success. Now fish can pass into this section of Clover Creek for the first time in 100 years. 


The Shasta Land Trust protects lands that provide clean water, abundant local foods, habitat for wildlife, and beautiful places to enjoy nature that enrich the quality of life in our region for everyone