Why We Love Parks and Open Space

In March, Shasta Land Trust held a Wildways event at City of Redding's newest nature preserve, Oregon Gulch.  This very popular event helped showcase the value that nature and urban open spaces provide for families and community in Redding and Shasta County.

Interest in city parks has revived in recent years, as people look for ways to build quality of life and wellness for themselves and their families.  Urban parks are places many people can visit with a short walk or easy bike ride from their homes.  

When people have access to parks and greenways they benefit from regular physical activity that reduces disease and depression and promotes health.  Parks and open spaces increase the value of neighboring residential property, and commercial properties as well, since the quality-of-life factor is so important for choosing a place to locate.  Additionally, parks provide benefits of increased air quality; open space watersheds help provide clean water; and trees and greenways help keep city temperatures down in the summer.  Parks have been linked to reductions in crime and in particular to reduced juvenile delinquency.  Our parks and open spaces are some of the most important local places where people gather to socialize and spend time together, building bonds between family and friends and love for the place they live.

Parks and open spaces make our cities more livable.  We invite you to find ways to get involved and support local parks through Shasta Land Trust or other local organizations.  

Thank you to City of Redding - this is a wonderful park!